The challenge for 2011: The Tour de Provence, a serie of 5 or 8 stages with 16 famous cols. Top cyclists climbed those mountains. And now it is your turn!

Tour de Provence Start Pack

Participants are identified by the special 2011 Tour de Povence cycling outfit. You will receive a top quality shirt and pants of the professional Bioracer brand, plus the Tour de Provence toute book with all stages, a Tour de Provence bidon and the neccesary stamp card. At the end of each stage, you have to get a stamp at the participating addresses. In your Tour of Provence outfit you also get a discount on your order and lots of special attention when you enter the venues. A completed stamp card is good for the crown on your athletic performance: the 2011 Tour de Provence Trophy. This will be presented to you in Castellane.

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